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Teachers asking pupils to power up their iPad minis is set to become as everyday as asking them to open up a book at a Gaywood school.

Howard Junior School has bought 30 of the seven-inch tablet computers as part of plans to give children the latest technology.

Another 18 are being ordered and headteacher Gregory Hill said: “We are finding these learning devices an incredible success.”

Future pupils will receive their own iPad mini to use at the school. The school also has full-sized iPads and 40 Nintendo DS games machines, which pupils can borrow from the library to use with brain-training software.

Mr Hill believes the school’s high quality of ICT infrastructure is helping to drive improvements in its SATS results. “It’s a very powerful learning tool that children will immerse themselves in,” he said.

Pupils Luke Gohn, seven, and Abby Rayner, eight, showed off the new technology with their classmates.


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